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Behind the Casserole: Our Story

After retiring from teaching kindergarten for 35 years I was looking for something fun to do in my newly acquired free time. I decided to combine two of my favorite things: cooking and dogs!

I've gotten some great ideas from like-minded entrepreneurs except for one thing.... the unappetizing grayish-brown color of the food when it's all mixed together! Despite dog's being color blind, I still wanted the owners that serve their dogs my food to see the ingredients their pets get to enjoy!

With every serving you'll be able to see the protein on top, the grain in the middle and the vegetables on the bottom - just like a casserole!! I'm proud for you to see the real simple, recognizable food that's safe to serve your fur baby. I'm even happier to know that he or she gets to enjoy every bite!

I'm looking forward to meeting you and your dog sometime soon!

Happy Tails



Mom started making me homemade dog food because everything she tried from the pet store made me scratch, bite, shake my head and scoot. We tried Apequel for my allergies but it gave me earaches. A $250 vet bill later, mom decided to make homemade dog food. She included only stuff that was healthy for me without any additives, preservatives or animal bi-products. 18 months later after being on her yummy casserole I have no more allergies! 

Not only do I love my mom but I love her casseroles! 5 paws up!!!!



 Prior to Kathy's Canine Casserole, Karma was given commercial canned food that often left him with an upset stomach :(

After almost a year eating canine casserole daily, stomach issues are no longer a problem! Not only that but he is happier and healthier all around. We feel safe and secure knowing that each casserole is made with real quality ingredients (no chemicals or animal bi-products). 

We give Kathy's Canine Casserole 5 paws up!



I can’t believe that I went 8 years eating boring, dry kibble.  One taste of Kathy’s gourmet Canine Casseroles sent me to doggy heaven!  I’m even eating a far more balanced diet than my human parents and siblings because I get protein, grains, and vegetables in every meal.  The delicious bone broth that Kathy simmers for 48 hours in her Dutch oven sends everything over the top!  Each morning when I wake up, I am wondering what delicious combination of flavors I will be getting for my meals— will it be chicken and rice with carrots?  Beef with rice and peas?  Will I get scrambled eggs or liver??  I dream about it all night.  Thank you, Kathy, for the love you pour into my Canine Casseroles.  

I give this lip-smacking product 5 paws up!!

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